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Dear Readers and Authors

    I am pleased to inform you that our Journal has undergone a number of changes and refinements. The first  change is that of  its  title, from “Epileptologia” to its English language version:  Journal of Epileptology. This  signals our intention about internationalising  the Journal as discussed  by the  Associate Editors and Editorial Board members’ meeting last year in London.
    The second important development is the change  in the publishing model, from that based on the printed subscription  to primarily, but not  exclusively, an  electronic open access model. This will result in  much faster publication times than previously had occurred.
    In  consequence,  from the beginning of January 2013 all communications  between the Editorial Office and Authors and Reviewers will  occur  via personal accounts at the Journal’s website. With the Editorial Online Office, simplified v. 2.0. we and author(s) will  be able to monitor (at any moment and anywhere in the World) the whole editorial process including manuscript traffic and peer-review processes. We aim at speeding up the editorial evaluation process – keeping up with the high scientific quality of the Journal.
    We have also reshaped the Editorial Board (EB). During the last two years, the entire publication cycle online took, for 75% of papers, on average 40 days – from submitting a manuscript to our office, though to its acceptance, reviews, exchange of correspondence with author and proofreading. All the EB members are asked to share their academic knowledge and didactic attitude to submitted manuscripts – if needed. The Linguistic Editor is responsible  for the  high English style.    
    We hope that by having a high quality scientific  peer review process, that the Journal of Epileptology will widen its readership within the international community of readers and authors that have an interest in various aspects of epilepsy.
    In short, we offer you open free access, a fast publication process, and a friendly academic attitude.
    We invite all involved in the field of epilepsy (research or clinical practice) to visit our website: www. journal-epileptology.com

Prof. Jerzy Majkowski M.D., Ph.D.

Volume 22(1) 2014 - Table of Contents

Case report
Successful treatment with adjunctive lacosamide in a patient with “drug resistant” focal epilepsy
Walter Fröscher, Alois Rauber
Manuscript ID: 890515

Review article
Selected classical and novel antiepileptic drugs - mechanisms of action, neuroprotection, and effectiveness in epileptic and non-epileptic conditions.
Magdalena Chrościńska-Krawczyk, Magdalena Wałek, Bożydar Tylus, Stanisław J. Czuczwar
Manuscript ID: 890325

Original article
Handedness, cognitive processing and intelligence in patients with epilepsy
Vladimir V. Kalinin, Daniya M. Nazmetdinova, Aleksander V. Basamygin
Manuscript ID: 890507

Review article
Genetic Epilepsies. Remarks on the proposed “Organization of the Epilepsies"
Heinz Gregor Wieser
Manuscript ID: 890649

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